Our Missions

Center Place Christian Theatre (CPCT) is committed to producing quality, family friendly entertainment, while providing an uplifting environment and experience for its participants.
We have a strong desire to make this effort truly a service; even a ministry of love to bring others joy.
"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." Mosiah 1:49


Ages of participants are primarily older youth, singles and young marrieds. Depending on the show, high school, middle school and elementary ages are invited to audition.

All participants sign a code of conduct contract delineating the clear expectation for them to reflect Jesus Christ in their countenance and their interactions, to bring "their best self" to every rehearsal and to represent the group with kindness, courtesy and positive values.

Auditions & Casting

At open auditions, each performer sings a solo, and does a "cold read" which is scored by a casting committee. If needed, the performers are "called back" to assign the lead roles. At "call backs" the individuals are taught songs from the show, which they perform; and they perform scenes from the show, attempting to show characterization for the character for which they've been called back. A new round of evaluation by the casting committee is begun.

Casting is a complicated puzzle, that is solved by matching the skill-set each person possesses with the needs & requirements of a particular show; how the actors/actresses interact and look together; and the overall vision of the directors for the look and feel of the show.


CPCT Is a bridge building, unifying activity, promoting good-will between various groups of believers.

CPCT provides members a positive opportunity to be anxiously engaged in a good cause, using their God-given talent to serve the community

CPCT is an organization that values its participants, by excusing them to attend or staff church camps, reunions or caravans.  We encourage spiritual growth and being a servant.


CPCT was established as a result of requests made from CPRS alumni to have their own summer musical program, since they graduated before CPRS started their Fall Musical Program.

CPCT's name was chosen by CPRS alumni, honoring Center Place Restoration School as the origin of the group, but changed its original name (Center Place Alumni Theatre Group) to include those who did not attend CPRS.

CPCT's name was chosen because we're located in the Center Place, and we desire to follow Jesus Christ, thanking Him for our talents and opportunities. We give Him all the honor and glory!

CPCT has produced: Mary Poppins (August 2017), Little Women (Summer 2015), OKLAHOMA! (Summer 2012), Fiddler on the Roof (Summer 2009), and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (Summer 2008)

CPCT has also produced a Musical Review (Spring 2018 & 2016), a USO Style Show & Dinner (Fall 2018), a Beloved Hymns Event (Spring 2017), and a Mystery Dinner Theater (Winter 2017).

Board Members

  • person Joy Cain President
  • person Dana Roush Vice President & Treasurer
  • person Ardyce Nordeen Secretary
  • person Rachel Mohler Fundraising Manager